[Important Notice] GDPR and Updates to Orbit’s Privacy Policy
Posted by Cheryl McIntosh-Lombardo on 04 May 2018 03:40 PM

Dear Orbit Clients - 

By now you’ve probably heard about GDPR, the European Union’s data privacy law. We are contacting you because you are an Orbit client and to make you aware of changes Orbit is making to be GDPR compliant. We want to suggest that your organization review the regulations and determine how they apply to you.
The following information is not legal advice nor should it be considered legal advice. This information is meant to help you better understand GDPR and how Orbit is working to comply with the GDPR. 
What is GDPR?  
In short, the General Data Protection Regulation is a privacy law adopted by the European Union that regulates how businesses can collect, use, and process the personal data of European Union citizens. The new law goes into effect on May 25, 2018. 
How does this impact my business? 
The law not only applies to organizations based in the EU but impacts any website or organization that handles the personal data of any EU citizen. If you get traffic from the EU and collect any information from EU citizens, you should have GDPR on your radar.  
What is Orbit doing related to GDPR?
We have enough users on our website from the EU that we think it’s prudent for us to comply. We have updated our Privacy Policy, added a cookie manager and added consent to all of our forms and newsletter signups. 
We are also working on a plan to implement a Data Protection Policy before May 25th. We will continue to review the regulations and modify these items as we learn more.
Do I really need to make changes?
Honestly, we’ve been struggling with how to answer this question. For some of our clients, it’s clear that they need to become compliant. If you have offices in the EU, sell products to the EU or have a large volume of EU visitors to your website, you should address GDPR compliance soon. 
For many others, this may only impact a small part of your business (i.e., contact forms, newsletter signups, etc.). It’s unclear how stringently the regulations should be applied to these smaller websites that don’t gather much personal data.  
We wish there was an easy way to help you decide what to do. Each of you will need to make an assessment based on your situation or the advice of your legal counsel.
What can Orbit do to help?
Although we can't decide for you, there are a few components of being compliant that we can help implement. We can assist with identifying where personal data is being collected, installing cookie manager tools and modifying forms. 
We have some general information, tools and resources on this page to help you.

If you want to discuss or need help implementing updates, please reach out by submitting a Support ticket at or emailing and we’ll do our best to help.

Thank you,

Orbit Support


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