Wordpress 5 Release Announcement [Expired]
Posted by Cheryl McIntosh-Lombardo on 07 December 2018 10:25 AM

Wordpress 5 is scheduled to be released on December 6th.

Orbit will begin rolling out Wordpress 5 with our hosting partners in February as their systems are ready.

Also, you may have seen notices about a major change to the administrative interface that is being implemented in this release - the “Gutenberg” editor which provides an alternative to the “classic WYSIWYG editor”. Orbit has closely followed the WordPress 5 development since the Gutenberg editor was announced more than a year and a half ago. The functionality of your website depends on a variety of community plugins. Many of these plugins are still in development for compatibility with WordPress 5 and Gutenberg.

Based on our analysis of the new editor and our commitment to ensuring that your website continues to function, we have proactively configured your website to retain the “classic editor.” Thus, you should not notice any changes in the look or functionality of your website or the administration of your content.

As the community plugins become compatible, Orbit will assess options to release the “Gutenberg” editor upgrade per client website. If you have any questions or seek options soon, please send an email to

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